weekly moments

IMG_0763This week was all about going, going, going and then trying to slow down. I’m much better at the going so this has been another lesson in this work in practice.

1. I went back to Colorado this past week and it was beautiful! We woke up to snow one morning and I don’t know if it was the thin air at 8600 foot elevation but I felt hight the whole time. We did a design meeting

2. It was Earth Day and now more than ever it is important that we think about what we can all do to help Mama Earth in any way we can. I attended a wonderful dinner at The Podoll’s¬†with a delicious meal by Kitchet and perfect table settings by Mrs. Peasy. The twelve of us sat around the table and talked about ways that we are green and ways that we could be more so. It was a really great conversation to have, especially over strawberry shortcake.

3. Next week I am headed to Omaha to speak to their garden club about creating a organically yet structured arrangement . I’ll be speaking in front of 275 people! Wish me luck!

Happy Friday, Friends!


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