weekly moments

IMG_0125 copy 2This past weekend my husband and I celebrated five years married. We did what we love to do, got out of town! We headed up the coast to a friends house in Jenner and just relaxed and enjoyed one another. Here are my top tips for a a getting out of town to this area, along with a few tidbits of things I felt inspired by while we were away.

1. Driving up this way is fun just for the drive alone. My husband loves to take the back roads and drive through Nicasio where West Marin hits Sonoma Country and Ocean all at the same time. It is one of my all time favorite places in the world. The little town of Valley Ford which may only be a blip in the road but has charm beyond.

2. We had the pleasure of staying at a friends little slice of heaven above the fog with sweeping ocean views. But, this is not the case for everyone. I suggest staying at Manka’s which is around the lagoon on the other side, Jenner by the Sea Cottages which are right on the ocean and I’ve always wanted to stay at the Poet’s Loft.

3. If you like oysters there are options but nothing quite beats the experience of going to Hog Island Oyster Co. Don’t go without planning, though. It’s the type of place that books months in advance, so think ahead if you want to go. And, everyone should go.

4. If you are up this way there are so many places to stop and explore. I’ve never been to the Point Reyes Lighthouse but after this trip I have decided that I will do that in 2016. My niece’s middle name is Reyes after this very special place, so I have a sentimental reason to go there, too.

5. On our drive home we stopped at one of my very favorite places ever! Nick’s Cove. The best thing about Nick’s is that there is a small rustic shack on the end of at the end of a public pier. In the hut there is a fireplace, a piano and a phone that connects to the restaurant, where you can order a drink and food. It’s so charming, I love it!!

Happy Saturday, Friends. (One day late, but who’s counting?)