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That’s a wrap folks. June is flying by. I’m looking at every day as a gift because this thing called life goes so fast. Here’s what this past week looked like.

1. I started the week of with a bang by attending beautiful luncheon at the new venue, The Barn and Green Valley. The event was hosted by Event Space Consulting and Meadowood (who is now doing offsite catering with flowers by the ever so sweet and oh so talented Tulipina. I can’t wait to do events here!

2. Last weekend I went for a goodbye diner for my friend Myka and her family. They are moving to the far off land of Berkeley and we celebrated their move with dinner at Alfred’s. I have to say that I was really charmed by the old school steakhouse and with food by Daniel Patterson, you just can’t go wrong.

3. I’m obsessed with a cookie. A vegan, gluten free, sugar free, absolutely decadent and delicious cookie. Mama’s Cookies are intended for lactating mother’s since they are packed with wholesome goodness, but I have been enjoying them so much. I suggest them frozen and with coffee or tea in the morning.

4. Speaking of current food obsessions. It’s not new news but I’ll jus say it one more time, the matcha tea at Samovar is really one of the great simple pleasures of my life. I love all their tea but going to the location on Valencia is as beautiful as it is deliciously filled with the aroma of freshly brewing tea.

5. Enough with tea talk. This weekend my team will be filled with flower power while I go to celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary with a weekend away with my husband. Interested in seeing what my wedding looked like? Check out the full feature on 100 Layer Cake.

Happy Friday, Friends!


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