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Last weekend I went to the wedding of a family friend and it launched me into a state of feeling emotional. So, emotional. That theme has continued through my week which was spent more with my feelings, thoughts and of course my computer than it was in flower land. Life turns up that way sometimes.

1. Last night we had dinner with our dear friends from LA who own on of my all time favorite stores, GARDE. We always enjoy our time with Scotti and John and last night we had a fabulous dinner at Bellota. My new favorite. If you are ever in LA check our their shop, but luckily they also live in the modern day and have a terrific online store.

2. Last weekend I was in Sebastopol for the wedding of my childhood “sister”, one of my Mom’s best friends daughters. The wedding was at The Barlow and it as so fun to explore Sebastopol which has more going on than I expected. We had coffee here, ate lunch here (I never pass a natural foods co-op without going in) and even checked out this Waldorf School store for kids (my husband went to Waldorf school and will always hold a special place in his heart for all things gnome. It is a fun little town if you have time to wander and check it out.

3. I discovered anew series on Netflix called “Chef’s Table” earlier this week. I watched the episode with our home town sweetheart Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn and I have to say I was so touched. She refers to her restaurants as poetic culinaria and I could say the same about her. I was touched by her passion, her vision and her team camaraderie. I highly suggest it.

4. I got bad news about the knee surgery I had earlier this year. I re-tore my ACL and now I will most likely need to get surgery again. I was so upset about it until I went to the doctor and he told me that I have something else going on which is called Avascular Nercosis. It is essentially the death of the bone tissue in my knee. I’m supposed to wait and go back in three months and see how it progresses, but I can’t help be feel frustrated and totally not in control of my body. What will be, will be, and I’ll do my best to support my body in the meantime. But, jeez! Can’t a girl catch a break?

5. Tomorrow we head up to Annadel in Santa Rosa to do flowers on their beautiful property. Annadel has thousands of rose bushes and we’ll be using some of their blooms in our arrangements. It’s going to be a really pretty one for a really great bride. I can’t wait! I especially find this special as my Grandmother Lucile used to go hiking on the Annadel property. I’ll be thinking of her while we flower away.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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