weekly moments

IMG_0754 copy 21. Well, this week hasn’t been all good. I got bad news about the progress of my recovery after my knee surgery in January. It came as a shock and I’ve been feeling sick about it all week. Our health is such a fragile thing and it’s hard when things don’t go as planned.

2. I’ve been needing extra support and even a little moment of inspirational wisdom can be found on instagram. The profound messages that helped me see some light came through with this message and this message.

3. Speaking of messages, there was a full moon last night and that means that things are shifting. Shifts in the moon, means the passing of time and new flowers. Peonies are popping and I’m loving using them in everything.

4. Next week I am headed to Mexico! Lucky me. I’ll be heading there with The Wedding Artists Collective, Alison Events and a bunch of industry friends. We’ll be staying at Rancho Pescadero in Todos Santos. Keep your eye out for pretty pics next week.

5. Today is Earth Day, and I hope you all take a moment to hug a tree. I know I will!

Happy Friday, Friends!

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