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SacStreet_SpringBlooms13OK people. I’m back. I’m back to blogging and I have some fun changes in store. Those are yet to show their pretty little redesigned face, but first the step is saying “hi”. I’m here and want to share all the fun things I have been up to lately. Can I get a sound check?

1. Last weekend I went for a walk-through at Annadel, which I have never worked at but have always been curious about. The second I stepped out of my car I was awe-stricken by the incredible oak trees. They are strong, huge and full of Californian goodness. I cannot wait to share more images of the wedding I am doing there with Melissa Panico this June.

2. You know that I always have my eye open for a new restaurant and I am thrilled to welcome As Quoted to my hood! We desperately needed a place for a cup of coffee and now we have a BEAUTIFUL place that not only have coffee…but turmeric lattes. What is that  you ask? Go by and find out for yourself. (Or, just check their instragram feed where lots of deep learning about such things can be done.)

3. I went to the Ballet this week and left feeling inspired by all those tutus. The movement, the precision, the natural yet unnatural nature of it all. I see ballet as the ultimate example that effortless can have, well, a lot of effort put into it. I loved it and cannot wait to get back in the grove of going to the performing arts regularly.

4. Last night we went over to our friends home for dinner. They live in the cutest Sausalito seaside home built in the 1800’s (which is as old as it gets in this area). I made the tastiest appetizer that my friend turned me on to. I shucked fresh peas, which was surprisingly calming for a rush-rush-rush person like me and used fresh mint from my garden. Lately, I have been loving recipes that use what I have in the house and easily accessible.

5. I’m going to end on a quieter note with a heavy heart. A beautiful sole that has touched the wedding industry is desperately sick with a rare and aggressive cancer. Tori is the owner of Sitting in a Tree and mother to two amazing children. Cancer affects so many and it’s an illness that is hard to grasp. If you can, any help makes a difference. Please see their Go Fund Me profile or #helpingthehendrixs for more info in how you can.

And on that note, I send you all love and blessings on this Friday morning.

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