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I’m emerging from a month of reflection, healing and slower moments. I had knee surgery three weeks ago and I’ve been laying low while I literally learn to walk again. I’m a mover, a shaker, a talker and a busy body. In this time of slowness  you will not be surprised to hear that I have had a lot come up for me. When I am not doing, who am I? What is next? Ego! What am I doing with my life? These are all the questions I have been asking myself at 3am when my stiff brace constricted leg wakes me up.

This week was my first week really being able to move around. I felt like I was back to my old tricks even though my overall pace is much slower.

1. I worked on a photoshoot for The Podoll’s Fall/Winter line. It was a day of creativity and natural beauty on the Marin coastline. Every time I work with Maria del Rio and Katie Nash, I feel so inspired. Ladies doing their thang and doing it well.

2. My dear friend Tray hosted the most beautiful tea ceremony yesterday with Baelyn Elspeth of All Matters of the Spirit who was visiting from Venice. It was perfectly in tune with my slow down theme of the month.

3. Lisa Says Gah interviewed me in their ongoing series. I was so honored to be among the chic group of women in this series. Check it out to find out my 5 must haves for an inspired day (hint: sleep habits and lip color are all included).

4. Last night I celebrated Lisa Says Gah’s first birthday party at Stable Cafe. I’m a sucker for celebrating women going after their dream and I’m also a sucker for an excuse to spend time at Stable. It’s such a special little place.

5. I also attended a talk in the FebClubSF series at the Jessica Silverman Gallery. I left feeling really reflective on my process and how I go about finding creativity in my life.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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