weekly moments

IMG_9602Where did the week go? I know people ask that all the time, but seriously, I want to know. And, on that note, where did the entire month of February go? I can tell you where my week went in the count of FOUR.

1. I taught a class in partnership with FebClubSF. The gals that started this group are smart, savvy and down right rad. The eleven women that attended the class where just as cool and so open to learning, connecting and playing with flowers. I loved it and look forward to teaching more classes in the future.

2. I joined forces with Danielle of Brown Paper Design to make flowers for a friends party. It was such a wonderful experience to see the creative process of someone in the same industry. I adore Danielle and am so grateful for the open relationship we have.

3. The weekend is here again and I guess I cannot get enough of teaching classes! I am going to be hosting a private class for four women in the same family. A sweet daughter/niece/cousin gifted her family a private floral arranging class for Christmas, and we get to have an explosion of springtime on Saturday. I cannot wait for this intimate gathering.

4. And, finally. It’s almost Bouquets to Art time and my husband and I are getting scheming our design for this years exhibition. It will be the sixth time my architect husband and I get together and try to build magic worthy of being on display in the deYoung Museum. All, while trying not to ring each others necks. Wish us luck!!

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