weekly moments


1. Last weekend my husband and I went to Nevada City to enjoy a little get away in the foothills with my parents. We had a terrific time and I nostalgically visited many places I went as a child. My quick tips are to shop here, sip here and nosh here.

2. I am a contributor to the blog Field to Vase and this past week I wrote an article about cultivating relationships within ones own field. I think making strong and supportive connections is an important part of strengthening ones own business and I have a lot of suggestions on how I think this works best. Read the full article here.

3. Lulu&Georgia asked me to share my thoughts on style, business and inspiration. Here’s what I had to say!

4. Foreign Cinema restaurant had their 16th anniversary of being open and we celebrated with the FC family last night. I will always have a special place in my heart for celebrating their success as they were my very first client over thirteen years ago.

5. Tomorrow we are headed to the Bohemian Club for a beautiful City wedding in the club that was established in 1872. It has had many notorious members but doing a wedding in the Bohemian Grove, their location North of the City, is on my radar.
Happy Friday, Friends!

photo: Nirav Patel


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