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1. I’m still dreaming of the wedding I did two weeks ago in Colorado. It was dreamy to say the very least. Here is a little video that Max&Molly did that really perfectly sums up the feeling of the weekend. Oh, those dandelions.

2. Wedding season has just pounced on me. I’m thinking about how to keep myself grounded while I’m moving through the madness. I’m reading this book to help myself stay centered. (Above photo from a wedding earlier this summer by the one and only Nirav.)

3. I had a birthday. I turned thirty-six. I ate dinner here. Then, I ate honeycake here. I received a beautiful clutch from my hubby from here. The pieces that made it a truly special day were the moments I had with my friends. No links available.

4. I feel good about my birthday this year. I love birthdays but the last two years have been overshadowed by losses associated with our struggle to have a family. This year I woke up happy and ready to take on this year and just let the process of life flow. Like so many people, I am a control freak, so this is a big step for me. Look at me, putting on my big girl pants on at thirty-six!

5. I’m headed to Healdsburg for another wedding with Jesse of Alison Events followed by a soul fulfilling weekend of birthday love for my friend Tray. She is having a group of her closest friends over to celebrate her 40th and if I know anything about my friend, it will be an exquisite day.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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