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This last week I have been traveling. First for a three day wedding  in Colorado and then to explore the Southwest with my husband. I have so many fun flower filled moments and travel tips to share with you, but first let’s take a look at what was happening while I was away.

1. My travel approach has alway been to work hard and then play hard. When I travel for work I almost always extend the trip and have a little personal vacation. It’s a terrific way to explore places I would not otherwise have gone to. I’ve started a guest contributing post on Hither & Thither to share my travel tips for both weddings and just for fun. I chose Tulum as my first location, as I get more requests for travel tips there than any place else.

2. Travel is a theme for me this week. When Heidi Mortlock of Adrift Blog asked to interview me and ask about how travel plays a part in my business, I happily agreed. I loved her questions and her fresh approach. She has a great eye and writing style.

3. We have another 5-questions blog up! Kelsey of Shelter Co. answered my questions with the humor and straight forward attitude she is so well known for. Her make-it-happen attitude has always inspired me.

4. Enough with the blogs, let’s talk about the vendors this past weekend. I worked with some tremendously talented folks! Thank you to my NBD team who worked incredibly hard, barely slept, made show stopping arrangements to the bitter end, and smiled and laughed all the way through it. Thank you also to Jesse of Alison Events for brining me on for this job, you have a top-notch creative design approach like few others. Thank you, La Tavola for providing the linens that anchored each design, MaeMae & Co. who nailed the paper goods with her gold mining themed designs, Max & Molly Films who looked perfect in our mountain setting and glided around the wedding effortlessly, Paige Jones for taking what I know will be beautiful images of our work and finally Dunton Hot Springs for putting up with our wild idea of taking over their property for the week and transforming it into our vision of mountain magic.

5. I want to end on a personal note and say that I feel that good things are happening to people I love. In the past month several people close to me have received life changing positive news. Some related to work, some related to family but all will take them to the next level of their lives. It is so often that we hear bad new and focus on the way things could and should be. It feels good to reflect on the lives of those close to me and see a great moment when they happen.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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