weekly moments

IMG_5684 copy1. Last week’s Goddess ceremony in honor of my sweet friend Tray was a beautiful affair. Forty of Tray’s closest friends (wearing all white) gathered to celebrate her. It was simply beautiful and the 400 stems of gardenias we used to decorate did not hurt. Can you smell them now?

2. I love, love, love a new venue. Sure, you have to get your bareings and figure out how things work, but I love a new view and a place to be inspired. This past weekend we worked at Wallace Creek and I fell in love. It is truly a dream on a hilltop.

3. You know I am always looking for a way to expand my mindfulness practice and Wednesday evening I went to a meditation and discussion at Juniper. I loved the calm space and will definitely be back!

4. This weekend we’re headed up to Manka’s in Inverness to do a small wedding with Nirav. I know it will be a beautiful day and I can’t wait to share photos with you!

5. Last but not least I want to reflect on the bittersweet goodbye to another friend leaving San Francisco. It’s been my great pleasure to meet, get to know and call Anna a close friend over the past six years. I bid her farewell as she moves on to the next exciting adventure. The best is yet to come, my dear.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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