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It was a slow week for flowers so I took the week to regroup and plan for upcoming weddings. I’ll be heading to Colorado and the Southwest later this month and I have lot of organization to do for that. This week was all about connecting and planning and I didn’t mind it one bit!

1. My week was totally made when I was on Goop this week! I’ve always been a Gwyneth Paltrow-aphile and as a result have loved following her blog over the years. I know she is polarizing and many do not care for her, but I’ve found that Goop has a big following for their insightful and fresh tips and articles. I was so happy! Thanks, Gwynie. Haha.

2. I checked out a new lunch spot with my friend Bess and her adorable baby, Penny. Green Heart Foods is a restaurant right up my alley. It is healthy, fresh, delicious and also totally cute. Yum. That is all I can say about that. Yum.

3. I may live in the fog belt of San Francisco, but within five minutes I can be on the Golden Gate and cross the bridge into sunny Marin. I love living on the North side of of San Francisco where I can be in nature or a secluded beach so quickly. I headed up there on Wednesday to meet a friend at Rustic Bakery at the Marin Country Mart. Since I am not eating grain, I had to skip their to die for crackers but devoured a delicious salad that I found just as satisfying. The Marin Country Mart is full of wonderful stores such as Hudson Grace, Erica Tanov and my new favorite bookstore, Diesel.

4. I’m super excited to announce that I am now offering a package for brides having elopements at City Hall. The package includes a bouquet and boutonniere by moi, makeup by Jane of the Galmourist and photography by Melanie Duerkopp. The cost of the package is $2100. Please email with any questions. The photo above is from a little promo shoot we did this week, so obviously, it’s going t one good!

5. When I was at Diesel Books I bought a Pema Chodron book called, “How to Meditate.” What I love about Pema’s writing is she is so relatable (even though she is a Buddhist monk) and makes the simplest yet most complex concepts seem approachable. I may work with flowers, but I still run a business. Like so many people, I struggle with anxiety and slowing down and my meditation practice has really helped me. It’s amazing what happens when a busy girl like me just sits for a minute (or twenty) and really listens to her thoughts. It’s busy in there, people!

Happy Friday, Friends!


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