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HudsonGrace_GiftRegistry_0006 copyWhy is it that the slowest weeks fly by the fastest? Following a big wedding last weekend, I took the week down a notch and caught up on some desk work and reflected on the success and flower power of last week.

1. Last weekend’s wedding was beautiful and colorful and for the most part smooth. We started Saturday off with one cargo van mishap, one alarm not going off and one flat tire. And, then we ran out of coffee and with a 6:45am start time, we needed some serious caffeination for the troops!!!. But, we recovered and it all went very well and I can’t wait to see the photos that Nirav took! (Photo above by Melanie Duerkopp from the Hudson Grace bridal event last Thursday.)

2. It was hot this week in San Francisco. Hot enough to wear shorts and no cardigan, hot enough to sleep with all the windows open, hot enough to wilt flowers, hot. To stay cool I have been making this delicious Lemon Balm Cooler which is just as good virgin as it is spiked. If drinking your cocktails as cocktails is your thing.

3. A wedding I did a year ago got named #4 of Snippet and Ink’s top 35 wine country weddings. It was so fun to look back and remember this sweet bride and her beautiful wedding.

4. My friend Sarah Becker gave me a wonderful gift of a new cookbook called Coconut Kitchen by Meredith Baird. It’s a beautiful book filled with the most wonderful recipes all containing “nature’s most beautifying superfood”. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, it would be coconut, so this book is for me.

5. I skipped town mid-week to head to my hometown of Chico. It was a relaxing time and my Mother and I had fun doing what we do…visiting nurseries. Did I mention it was 109 degrees? I melted. I seriously melted. But my new Japanese Maple did not and I’m brining it home to San Francisco to plant in my courtyard at home.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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