Weekly Moments

IMG_9401This week was one where I just enjoyed the feeling of being home after being away on an adventure. My trip last week to Austin was wonderful and I’ve been appreciating San Francisco more than ever this week. California is such a special little slice of this planet and I feel deeply connected to my environment here. Maybe it is because my family has lived here since 1895 or maybe it’s just because I am a true California Girl. My top California lovin’ moments of the week include…

1. We’ve been members at Scribe Winery (photo above) since soon after they opened. Friends of our introduced us and we’ve been regulars since. This past weekend was the pick up party and my husband and I went and enjoyed the beautiful day with a beautiful glass of wine. It’s wine country at it’s best. Truly.

2. I’m always thinking ahead and I’m excited to be part of the FebClubSF lineup of classes. If you are looking for some fun with other San Francisco businesses like The Real Real and Fullosophie, check it out. I’m teaching next Wednesday at my studio!

3. It’s Chinese New Year this week and we flowered all of our accounts in shades of red, quince blossoms and loads of oranges. Gong Xi Fa Cai or Gong Hey Fat Choy or just plain old Happy New Year!

Have a great weekend, friends. And, Happy Chinese New Year!

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