weekly moments

IMG_4016 copy1. I went to Montana. It was ahhhh-mazing! I’ve spent this week thinking, “I wish I were still in Montana”. I had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to share all my travel tips with you on Monday!

2. Field Trips! This week has been all about taking advantage of a slower week and field tripping. On Tuesday, Darwin of Florali showed us his green house where he cultivates unusual and interesting orchids and plants. Have you ever seen a giant maidenhair fern? Well, either had I. What I loved most is that the greenhouse is warm, calm, well lit and full of life. Darwin has found himself a special place there and it was an absolute joy to have him show us around. Flower friends are kindred spirits.

3. And….more field trips! Thursday was a day spent wandering two flower farms in Santa Cruz. I am in such awe of flowers farmers. It is the ultimate expression of a labor of love. Yes, the fields are beautiful but everything from gophers to the California drought makes their job a seriously challenging one. But, wow, do they really have a beautiful workplace and it shows.

4. My Mother was in town and we only visited one nursery and spent a couple hours in my garden. Nothing compared to her last visit! We also checked out Nourish, which is a casual yet completely healthy restaurant that is oh, so pretty. I know I’ll be going back there soon. It’s totally my jam.

5. We have a small wedding at The Headlands Center for the Arts tomorrow. I know I have said it before, but I love that venue so much! It’s serene, peaceful, welcoming and warm. We’ve coordinated the the colors of the flowers to match those on the warm golden hued walls.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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