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IMG_2815 copyThis last weekend left me in another glow of love and visual delight. It was the kind of weekend that wipes away any sort of funk you may be in and spits you out the other side feeling like you are floating without a care. It was a dream, and I’m still in it.

1. What on earth am I talking about, you ask? Our own Aubriana got married and had a wedding high-up on a hilltop above the fog. The bride’s Temperly of London dress was a show stopper and fit perfectly with the relaxed bohemian vibe. (I’m dying to get the photos back from the photographers) The wedding was on the property of Rowan’s childhood home and with eighty acres in La Honda they had enough room to have a full camping wedding. Ninety guests pitched a tent around a hand-made tee-pee and partied until the sun came up. Even the neighbor’s zebra came out to play. Like I said, it was magical.

2. We are prepping for a fun collaboration with the amazing Kate from Maven. We had one of my favorite photogs about town, Maria del Rio, over the the studio for a little #BoltonxBowen action and I cannot wait to announce the details of that collaboration very soon.

3. Where are we off to this week? A lovely wedding in Hopland which will highlight an abundance of summertime fruit. Bring on the cherries, nectarines, plums, pomegranates and dates! Good enough to eat, I say.

4. On a personal notes I’ve started a new diet that excludes sugar, grain and dairy from my diet. If you have any favorite recipes that fit that bill, please send them my way.

5. And….speaking of eating, Octavia just opened in my hood and I cannot wait to go try it!

Happy Friday, Friends!

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