weekly moments


I spent this entire week ¬†week along the coast in beautiful Big Sur. I came down last weekend for back to back weddings at Ventana and then had a pre-arranged camping trip the following weekend for my husband’s birthday. Next week I am going to post about all my favorite spots along the Central Coast. But for today, let’s take a look at highlights from what was a crazy busy week.

1.¬†First, I want to thank 7×7 for featuring me as their “it florist”. I always wanted to be one of their Hot 30 under 30 and since that shipped sailed five years ago, I think this is just perfect. I loved their questions and honestly had the best time with their interview.

2. My friend, Anna Korkobcova, had her first show last Friday for her Color Series project. It is so amazing to follow friends paths and watch them realize dreams. Her show was a culmination of hard work and creative focus. I can’t wait to see her future shows…which I suspect will be in fabulous cities like New York and Paris. So no matter where you live, keep your eye out.

3. I’m always on the lookout for a a new store and one just opened in my neighborhood. Uh oh. Welcome to the hood BettyLin.

4. In case you missed the incredible changing peony store I did with Caitlin on Sacramento Street, check it out here! It blows my mind to see the same flower change color so dramatically.

4. Keeping my eye out for an unexpected adventure is what makes travel experiences become adventures. When at one my favorites spots, Big Sur Bakery, I stumbled across a small music festival. You never know what you’ll find when you just pull over on the side of the road for a delicious coffee.

5. I wanted to thank Alison Events for bringing me on such fun projects. They are the premier destination planner and without them I would not go to half of the fun locations I do. They bring me to most of the travel jobs I have, and because of that, I’ve had so many more adventures in the world of flowers. I’d like to say, “flowers brought me here”…but it all starts with a great team of vendors.

Happy Friday, Friends!