weekly moments

l+j=m_0216This week flew by in preparation for this coming weekend. My Mother was in town for Mother’s Day, and that was truly the highlight of my week. I laid low, because this coming weekend I’m hitting the road for nine days in Big Sur. Lucky me, I know! Here is what this coming week in Big Sur will bring me.

1. Before I hit the road, we are doing an event at the Sunset headquarters for James Beard. Sunset gave me some of my first breaks when I started my business, which I will forever be grateful to and will be reminded of when we are on their beautiful campus setting up today. If you ever want to see their gardens in person, they do daily tours which I recommend.

2. This weekend, I have back to back weddings at Ventana with Alison Events. I’m taking the show on the road and loading up the Euro Van with about 1xmillion peonies plus more. It’s going to be so pretty! The image in this post is from another wedding I did in Big Sur with Alison Events a couple of years ago. (photo by Garbiel Harber)

3. My husband’s birthday is next weekend and we had pre-arranged a trip to Big Sur. Once I booked these two weddings we decided that rather than coming back to the City for three nights, we would stay down there and have a little get away. We booked a cabin in the woods and will then…wait for it…camp. Yes, I will camp. Not at all in my character,  but I’m always open to an adventure. Even a camping adventure.

Happy Weekend, Friends!