tips: fiddle-leaf fig care

b11ad3ee712d22f69f71a16e6b173305 copyYou asked for it, so here it is. My tried and true tips to make sure your fiddle-leaf fig thrives and does not DIE! Chances are, if you have had one of these at some point, it has struggled or possibly died, unless of course your home resembles a West African rain-forest, where these plants are natives. I’ve listed what I have experienced to work first hand below. If you don’t trust what I say, check out the Apartment Therapy article on the same topic. (The first images on their post is of one of my pet fig-trees in my actual bedroom, taken from our home-tour last year.)

LIGHT I almost killed one of my fiddle-leaf plants by giving it TOO much light. The direct sun caused the leaves to blister. Make sure this does not happen, but also make sure that it is getting enough light. You want indirect, bright light. Not too harsh and not too dim.

WATER Don’t over water your plants. I think that the number one reason people kill house plants is because they give them too much water. I water once a week and even if I miss it by a couple of days, it seems to work perfectly. As a rule of thumb, it is better to have them a little on the dry side than too wet.

FOOD My friend Caitlin got me hooked on Schultz Plant Food Plus. Normally, I am a purist with such things, but after using this product my plants have done nothing but thrived.

Good Luck!!


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