the new studio…finally!

FINALLY! We signed a lease on a new studio space. It took one year of looking and then three months of negotiating the lease before we got the keys and could call it ours. The place is currently, well, a dump. So, we are enlisting the knowledge of Natalie’s husband’s architecture firm to help make it beautiful.

The 1200 sq ft space which is broken up into four rooms and we will keep it that way. Production, consultations and storage will all be under the same roof. The studio is located at Harrison and 7th in the SOMA district of San Francisco. It is only one block from Sightglass coffee and  three blocks from the SF Flower Mart, so now my life is complete.

The best thing about the space is that there is a 750 sq ft back yard that we are going to turn into a garden. We’ll be growing blooms to use in our work and having meetings in the sun in our soon to be wonderful back garden. Stay tuned for regular blog postings to show our progress and what is happening at the studio.

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