Tablescapes Times Three!

MotherPlaceSettings-015It’s table setting season! Last Thursday most of us got warmed up with Thanksgiving and with the holiday season in full swing, there is certain to have many more tables to set and style. I have always loved to set the table and find that you don’t need an entire pantry of props to do so. If you don’t have matching napkins, don’t worry! Mix it up to create a fun look.

To see my full list of tips on how to easily impress your guests check out the full article here or scroll down for a few more.




Untitled-1If you don’t have the time or resources to create a full centerpieces, clip a few greens and lay them directly on the table to make a simple garland. With the addition of just a few candles you’ll be able to have a “centerpiece” in seconds.



MotherPlaceSettings-026Cotton is a fantastic flower for winter. It feels snowy white and lasts forever. At the end of the season pack it away and bring it out next year!



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