studio 308 party time

The holidays bring a lot of parties and our studio party is one of them! Along with my studio mates Caren Alpert Photography and Jeff Singer Photography we roll out the sequins, lay out the peppermint bark and hang the disco ball every time this year. This year we had a golden metal theme and there wasn’t one ginger cookie that didn’t match! And, just you wait until we get the images from our photo booth back.

We used flowering cardoni, white straw flower and banksia pod helped bring the unusual sparkle to the arrangements. We also found a ten pound piece of mistle toe that we hung from the ceiling, and let’s just say there was some kissing going on.

May your parties sparkle this holiday season,

One thought on “studio 308 party time

  1. I used that sparkly linen at my birthday party – I want to own it! So sad I missed the party this year, but Cassandra told me it was a blast!

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