rock and roll

Foreign Cinema restaurant celebrated being open for twelve years with a big festive bash last Thursday. The theme was rock and roll and we, well, rolled with it. To us rock and roll flowers meant nails, vibrant red and lots of soft vs. edgy juxtaposition.

A huge flower ball was the main centerpiece of the dining room. It took 320 carnations to make this sphere. Who says flowers can’t be rock and roll, baby?!

Rock on,

2 thoughts on “rock and roll

  1. I love the Huge flower ball. Did you use a styrofoam sphere for these? what size do you use and where ever do you find one that large? Awesome job! Beautiful flowers!

  2. Natalie – I absolutley love these pics, not only was Amy realxed and easy going but so much fun to work with. She made this experience so much fun for us, I highly recommend her!October 20, 2011 7:14 pm

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