puerto rican repeat

One week after I returned from doing flowers in Puerto Rico for a wedding I did the flowers for a Puerto Rican themed engagement party in honor of Kathryn Kalabokes of Dream a Little Dream. I had such a fun time getting to live through my vacation all over again and create fun and festive arrangements for Kathryn.

We had a lot of fun mixing tropical-like blooms such as orchids, aloe vera, dates, pincushion and palm leaves with spring blooms such as ranunculus and tulips. I love mixing texture and this event was a prime example of that design approach.

For more images of Adi Nevo’s wonderful photos of this event look here. Many congratulations to Kathryn an Joe!

2 thoughts on “puerto rican repeat

  1. Thank you Natalie for making our party so special, your flowers were absolutely off the charts. I cannot thank you enough!! xo

  2. I love the use of the foliage in the first two images. The flower arrangements are quite extraordinary.

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