Open House: The Progress

progress 3I am the kind of girl who is always thinking about her next meal. I love to cook and dine out and living in San Francisco, I have many opportunities to do both with seasonal abundance. With me, the bar is high, and it takes a lot to have me impressed. Last friday, we went to dinner with friends at The Progress and I was not only impressed, I was blown away. The menu was delightfully unexpected, the service was casual yet attentive and the design was inventive. With an architect husband, it’s rare that interior design makes inspires him and yet this was one of those rare times, we were both so happy to take it all in.


progress 5

progress2The space was once a theatre which gave gave Wylie Price the lucky opportunity to design in a room with very high ceilings. The wave-like top floor creates movement in a room with the perfect amount of natural light. And, there is never too much natural light in my opinion. My friend, Rebekah of The Petaler, has filled the space with potted plants and simply arranged greens. It’s perfect, and I suggest you go experience the room for yourself.


All photos: Patricia Chang via SF Eater

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