now who’s got the blueprints

Bouquets to Art is right around the corner! We were given our piece for this year and have started to brainstorm the design. This has me reflecting on the entire process last year. Bouquets to Art is an annual exhibition at the de Young Museum in which floral designers are assigned one piece of art in the museum and then create a floral arrangement or sculpture inspired by their art piece. Last year was my first year being part of the exhibition and I based my design on William T. Wiley’s, “Now Who’s Got the Blueprints”.

The artwork is assigned only one month before the exhibit so there is a lot of scrambling to brainstorm, prototype, source, test and then make the design. We used rebar as the base to the sculpture as we needed to make sure it was very sturdy. Oasis foam was then carefully bound around the skeleton and attached with rubber bands and mesh tape.

2800 mini carnations, 180 blue thistle, 100 yards mesh tape, 40 pounds of concrete, 20 feet steel bar, 10 blocks of oasis, 1 u-haul van and countless hour later, we made it to the museum on opening day! Finishing touches were placed onsite and then refreshed daily throughout the five day exhibit.

The artwork and our piece are shown above. After a very fun first year being part of Bouquets to Art, I didn’t think it could be topped. In this years quarterly magazine for the de Young Museum, they chose our piece to be one of only three floral images displayed in the magazine. We are thrilled! Now that we have recived our ourwork for the exhibit this year, the pressure is on!

So, enough with last year. We’re getting ready for this year! Bouquets to Art will  be showing at the de Young Museum from March 15th through 19th. Of course, I think you should go.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! You slay me!!!! What a thrill !! Your mom and I stand awestruck by the beauty you create !! I personally think this is YOUR GIFT from God. Your life long gift!!! Natalie, you reduce me to tears and I thank you. Your gramma would be so proud and will be smiling down on you on your wedding day at her home. If I wasn’t so busy here with my beloved, I would be making more trips to S.F. to see you. Thank you for this gift to me and to the world. Much Love, Alana

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