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I went to New York in October with the intention of looking for a wedding dress for my upcoming wedding next June. After a quick trip to J.Crew Bridal on Madison Avenue I decided that scoping the New York flower scene was much more what I was in the mood for. As it turns out, the New York flower market gets started a lot later in the morning than the San Francisco Flower Market which was nothing but good news to my ears. I have enough mornings of waking up hours before the sun rises back in San Francisco.

The New York market is very different than the San Francisco market. It is a district rather than a formal enclosed market and most of the vendors are on 28th between 7th and 8th. I saw a lot of dried flowers and tropical blooms and most of the treasures seemed to be tucked away. I was impressed by the customer service, especially at Dutch Flower Line and G Page.

After my stroll, I was again reminded how fortunate I am to live in Northern California where we have so many stunningly unique flowers literally in our back yard. Because we don’t have to import so many flowers due to growing conditions we are able to have an abundance of perfect and unusual flowers year round.

On that note…off to the market!

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