nbd hosts a party, part 1

When Anna announced that her family would be visiting from Czech, we all jumped on the idea of a big dinner party. Natalie hosted, Anna’s sister and brother in law cooked a traditional feast and the rest of us got to enjoy the whole thing. Today I’m sharing images from the table setting, tomorrow I’ll post the party.

The starting point of inspiration for the Czech themed dinner was the linens. We went folky with a La Tavola woven linen and tea towel style napkins. Since the party would be traditional Eastern European comfort food we wanted to stay with a simpler look and used antique brass candle holders that Natalie got in Wyoming and juxtaposed those against concrete vases.

We used heckia (heck-ya!), viburnum, roses, double cheerfulness jonquils, rannunculus and variegated carnations. Yes, carnations. If you didn’t know it before, you know it now. Natalie loves carnations and isn’t afraid to say it!