weekly moments


1. Caitlin came to visit my studio and posted a studio tour on her blog. It’s so fun! The beautiful images by Emily Scott really capture the light in my space and the questions Caitlin asked really capture my attitude towards my wildly fun and yet surprisingly difficult job.

2. Let’s talk about Tahoe. Last weekends last wedding of the season was made into a very special weekend when I shared a cute A-frame in the woods with a A-team of vendors. Kate Webber, Katie Nash and their teams made for a very fabulous female power infused late night wine infused talking sessions.

3. Speaking of Kate, she is such an inspiration. This year she decided to put her photo camera aside for a little bit and learn how to use a film camera. In typical Kate fashion she doesn’t just do something, she conquers it. Inspired by an incredible woman in her open water swim group (read: no wet suits) Kate is making a short film to document Kim’s 18-hour swim from the Farallon Islands to San Francisco. Deemed one of the hardest swims in the world, the kick-starter video really captures the emotion that is taking place in the shark infested water. Watch and be in awe.

4. Thank you to Carats & Cake for featuring this beautiful wedding with Sylvie Gil and Shannon Leahy from exactly one year ago this coming weekend.

5. Speaking of last weddings, I have to say seeing my last wedding end was a little bitter sweet. For the first time in as long as I can remember I don’t feel burnt out. I had wonderful connections with all of my clients and it’s just a little sad that we have completed that version of our relationships. What is my secret? Pausing just a little more often. Insane, but true.

Happy Friday, Friends!