local and bi-coastal

I had the great joy of doing the flowers for one of my dearest friends and her sweetheart this past June. The bride and groom live in Amsterdam and the wedding was in Massachusetts where the bride’s mother is a Unitarian minister. When asked to do the flowers, I was immediately excited for the challenge of doing flowers for a wedding across the county and secretly wished that I was going to the flower motherland of Holland for the occasion!

It was very important to the couple that the flowers be local and I felt very blessed to find a wonderful farm in Rhode Island to supply the flowers. Robin Hollow Farm not only supplied almost all the flowers, they exceeded my expectations. We received beautiful garden roses, icelandic poppies, love in mist, veronica and geranium leaf. In the photo above, taken by Angie Gaul of Milestones Photography, the vibrancy of the bouquet shines against the brides ivory dress.

I have a hard time keeping plans easy, so I of course had to bring local flowers from San Francisco. The Bay Area has some of the most amazing growing environments, with our damp air and moderate temperatures. I carried a huge box of peonies on to the plane, kept them in a camping ice-chest for a few days and then brought them out and put them in water to see the world just in time for the wedding. It was so special to have a little touch from the Bay Area, which is where the couple met.

As you can see, it is possible to be local and bi-coastal!