June Blooms in Season

blooms5I find most of my inspiration from the flower market and by what is in season. My process begins with my early morning walk through the market where I take it all in and see what inspires me. This past week, I found myself falling in love with a crop of lavender that arrived from a farm north of San Francisco. I am not usually a lavender fan, but when it’s this beautiful (and this fragrant) I surprise even myself.

blooms1blooms3blooms2This month for Blooms in Season we focused on the varieties of lavender (did you know there are 39!?) and I talked about the similarities it has visually with sage. Did you know that sage is part of the mint family and the way you can tell is by twirling the stem between your fingers and if it has a square shape, it’s related to mint! If you want to learn more fun facts, read more onĀ this month’s post!