Hither and Thither Holiday

HTH8Entertaining is something that comes naturally to me and something I LOVE to do. I strive to have a house with a well stocked cheese drawer and a few freshly pressed napkins so that my party prep is always more easy than it looks. I recently had a few friends over (thank you Meg, Myka and Caitlin) to have a little floor picnic complete with a homemade berry tart.



HTH9I am a believer in the details. You don’t need to have a full meal to make it special. In fact, I often host guests around my coffee table rather than formally sitting at the dining room table. I garnish everything from the platters to the cocktails and make sure that it’s simple yet thoughtful.



Holiday_2015_0090 copySince I am me, I always have flowers pretty much everywhere in the house. But, you don’t need to go so overboard. For this winter arrangement, Meg supplied the most beautiful porcelain berry I had ever seen. I loved that the blue of the berries coordinated with my Grandmother’s blue willow dishes. It doesn’t have to be fussy to be sweet. If it means something to you, then it will mean something to your guests. For the full article and my easy but impress tips on holiday entertaining head over to Hither & Thither and check out my little time lapse video on instagram!

HTHHappy Holidays + Thank You Melanie for these marvelous photos!