Happy Anniversary to Me

003123-R1-015Four years ago today, I was married to my favorite guy in the world at one of my favorite places in the world. It’s so hard to chose the highlights from this day, as all of them feel so special. I think something that stands out to me as I look through these photos, is that while we had thousands of outstanding blooms filling every nook and cranny, it was the natural environment that made this day so beautiful. The field of wildflowers that we got married in was so so special, partly because it just not something you can create on your own. I could never do that for a client, except that on this day I was the client.


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Having unique touches in the flowers was also important to me. Seth’s boutonniere was made of green strawberries and the vendors at the market pulled the most stunning blooms for me. This magnolia was a gift from one of my favorite sources.341_E_061811_NS_WED_2365EWe had endless opportunities for a backdrop setting. We drove up the road to this huge rock, where both my mother and I would come as children and play. It meant a lot to come back here and connect to my roots. (I also love that you can see that I wore flat sandals…a girl has to be comfy…and dance!)

003123-R1-026Our cakes were displayed on cake stands my mother, sister and I already owned and were simple and delicious. I wanted everyone to enjoy a flavor they loved and of course we had a gluten free option. More than anything, I wanted my guests to feel effortlessly taken care of.

217_E_061811_NS_WED_1653EGet away car? Check. Seth is wild about cars and so we borrowed a friends vintage mercedes as our ride for the day. My husband wanted to use ours, but I gave the convertible the thumbs down. Great for a photo. Terrible for hair.

909_E_061811_NS_WED_7282EI have been to more weddings that the average person. I think what makes them special and stand apart are the moments the camera does not capture. The feeling even more than the look of the day. When we got married there was no pinterest, no instagram and no BHLDN. We just did what felt authentic and touched our hearts. These four years of marriage have shown Seth and me some hard time and some serious heartbreaks. Yet, I feel closer to him today than on the day we got married and to me, that’s all I ever hoped for. Pretty picture and all.

Photos: Flory Photo

Thanks also to our wonderful planner Amy Nichols.



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