getting to know you

Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium is native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, California included. Yarrow has a long history of use as a healing herb used topically on wounds or abrasions. Through the years it has been been called many names, some of my favorite include nosebleed plant, seven year’s love, woundwort and bad man’s plaything. Driving along the coast of Northern California last week I saw wild yarrow in white and yellow, both of which have been available at the flower market for years. This summer though, we have been really excited to see yarrow available in a whole range of colors- coral, lavender, burgundy, even pale peach. In this week’s arrangement, I used yarrow, giant coral zinninas from the studio garden, David Austin’s Evelyn rose, quince on the branch and some fragrant pink jasmine.