getting outside your comfort zone

View More: Seriously wow. This year has been a crazy whirlwind of craziness. A new studio, new employees, new vendors and new clients. That doesn’t even touch on trying to maintain a life outside of work (what does that mean?) and all that goes along with that. When I think about my goals for 2014 I keep coming back to creativity. I’ve been so busy building my business and working on the foundation that I have neglected the role of generating creativity and working on new ides. I’m really looking forward to a new year and continuing to support what we have built and also focus on pushing the boundaries of beauty!

P.S. This photo was taken last year at Brush Creek Ranch when I went ice-fishing for the first time with the crew from our Event Space Consulting Shoot with Alison Events. Photo by Mel Barlow and thanks to Kerrie Jordan Makeup for being there to help me with that slimy fish!


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