Forest Feast

By Erin GleesonHalf of any experience is the presentation, and this forest feast was no exception. I received a mysterious email inviting me to come dine in the woods on a Saturday night. A car would pick me up in front of Birite Ice-creamery and take me in to the forest for dinner. I had no idea what to expect, but knew I had to go! What awaited me was a wonderful dinner party in the Woodside hills filled with the most interesting party guests. The evening was hosted by the author of The Foret Feast cookbook and everything that was served was from one of her recipes. It was beautiful and serene and delicious. I’m feeling inspired to host something similar!

By Erin Gleeson By Erin Gleeson Untitled-4 By Erin GleesonUntitled-3   By Erin Gleeson By Erin Gleeson By Erin Gleeson

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