For the Gardener


NBD Floral gift guide 2

One:  Perhaps the most elegant way to wrestle with roses. These long-armed beauties also come in more classic silhouettes. Plus, the founder of this small company certainly knows her stuff!

Two:  Put down those kitchen shears, and pick up these handy snips.

Three:  Busy hands take a beating in the winter. Luckily, this salve is endorsed by many a gardener.

Four:  As if French linen kitchen towels couldn’t get better, Série Limitée LOUISE screen prints theirs with found vintage photographs.

Five:  If you’re not familiar with Sara Paloma, her vases are a treat.

Six:  Hunter boots made for dancing through your garden.

Seven:  Alice Tacheny is an incredibly talented Bay-Area furniture designer, who also makes the best accessories. (Because every air pant should have a home!)

Eight:  A stylish to hat, to keep the sun from your eyes.

Nine:  A watering can you’ll want to keep where you can see it.