finding strength through strength finders


I’ve been thinking lately how good it is to know your strengths. Like so many, I often reflect on what I need to change and improve on, but I am trying to shift my perspective more and more towards spending time on what I am naturally good at. I’ve spoken publicly twice about the concept of strengths and delegating at the The School of Styling and it is something I decided that I needed to focus and revisit myself.

A few years ago a friend suggested that I take the StrengthFinder test. I did it and then put it aside. After talking about the test with a few of my assistants, I decided to revisit it. What I found was a great tool to remind me of what I am good at.

My Strengths are:

1. Individualization  I am intrigued by the unique qualities of each person.

2. Empathy I can sense the emotions of those around me.

3. Woo I enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like me.

4. Communication I like to explain, to describe, to host and feel a need to bring ideas to life.

5. Positivity I am quick to smile and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation.

What resonates most with me on this test, is the concept that while it is always a good idea to work on what you are not good at, you can never really master those skills. By focusing ones energy on improving what we naturally succeed at, we can exponentially improve those skills. So, if you see me wandering around trying to make a new friend, understand who they are, feel what they are feeling and being their cheerleader, you’ll know why!

I invite you to challenge yourself and take the positive spin on getting better at something.

Photo: Jen Huang

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