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It’s that time of year again! Bouquets to Art opens at the de Young Museum today and runs through Friday. It’s time for the florists, garden clubbers and ladies who lunch to construct a floral arrangement or sculpture inspired by a piece of art in the museum. This year we were assigned a piece titled “Nude on Black with White Stripes” by Richard Dierbenkorn.

Our vision for our piece came together organically. We wanted the piece to have movement and texture. We chose a piece of cork as our first element of the design and worked our way from there.

The museum has very strict guidelines and we knew the base had to be very sturdy for the cantilever effect to not weaken the structure. We cast concrete in a form made of plywood and encased two pieces of rebar in the concrete to act as an interior spine. We slipped the cork sleeve over the rebar and poured more concrete down the tube.

It was easy for me to decide on “Thijs and Boots” tulips to be the main flower in the design. Their soft fleshy petals mimic the skin of the nude in the painting perfectly. The arrangemnet was assembled at home and then transported to the museum where finishing touches were placed on site.

Voila! Our 2011 Bouquets to Art piece! Special thanks to my partner in life and Bouquets design, Seth Brookshire, for patiently assisting me in brining my floral visions to life.

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  1. How helpful indeed it is to see the creative process revealed. Such an inventive and provocative piece. I enjoyed seeing it in person, especially in the context of the other striking creations the the De Young. Congratulations on another bravo entry in Bouquets to Art.

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