bouquets to art

BouquetsToArt_2015-0019It’s Bouquets to Art time again. This is the sixth year that my husband and I present a piece at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. Each exhibitor is assigned a piece of art and is then asked to create a floral sculpture that is inspired by the work. This year we were given Thomas Wood’s 1871 painting, “Congitation”. We chose to make a base out of cork, which is stabilized by welded metal steal. I chose three varieties of tulips from California, Oregon and Holland along with local mock orange and dogwood as my floral elements. I hope you can stop by the museum and see the show!¬†Below are links to our past pieces. 2012 is my favorite!

BTA 2014

BTA 2013

BTA 2012

BTA 2011

BTA 2010



BouquetsToArt_2015-0035I’d like to give Melanie Dukerkopp a special thank you for taking such lovely photos and always being such a support!