being vs. doing

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My spirit animal is a hummingbird. If you know me, you know this is so well suited to my constantly moving, always on the go, don’t stop until you do and then crash way of life. I recently read an article about balance (I know, I know, not an original theme these days) but what spoke to me the most was this idea of BEING vs. DOING.

I’m a do’er. It’s one of my best strengths but that means it can create some of my biggest challenges in life. I had a weekend off this month with no plans, and while it was an amazing feeling I also felt very uncomfortable with the open space. I didn’t feel productive, I wasn’t doing anything for my business, therefore I felt as if I was not me. I associate “doing” with who I am but doing is an action and not a personality trait.

I am working very hard, and often failing, with my awareness around this concept. Right now, I am just recognizing how I feel when I am not doing. And, man, it is a vulnerable place for me. The process of reflection is the very first step to working through the emotions that come up for me in that space.

So enough about me, let’s think about you. How is your Doing vs. Being balance these days?

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