Baby Day’s Sip and See

shower4Five years and nine months ago my sweet friend Myka started her journey towards motherhood. Myka has been a rock through my own process and when she finally met her little, precious, darling Baby Dayton I did what you would expect. Cried tears of joy and then promptly started talking about throwing her a baby shower, which was actually a Sip and See (sip wine, see the baby…get it!).






I co-hosted with our friend Sunna and Danielle of Brown Paper Design and it was her idea to make the party an all white theme. From the flowers (lilac, tulips, hyacinth), to the clothes (everyone wore white) to the food (which was actually delicious despite it’s lack of color) we channeled our inner Myka and joined together for this truly wonderful occasion. More photos are on 100 Layer Cakelet and more about Myka’s path to motherhood may be found on MOTHER mag. Oh, and the beautiful photos? That would be mother extraordinaire, Abi Q, of course.



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