Apartment Therapy came to visit

022For those of you who do not know, I share my floral studio with my husband. His architecture firm and my floral studio share a studio space. It’s an art, you see, sharing and creating in the same space as your beloved. We stack flower buckets in his office when we have overflow and his massive plotter takes up valuable real-estate in our storage areas. It’s an art, a balance and a joy.

I have been a fan of Apartment Therapy for a long time. When they asked me if they could feature my studio as a workspace tour, I said, yes please! Come see the space that Seth and I I have created together. I’ve put in my time working out of two of my garages, a friends empty house before renovations and a lovely loft-like space that was gorgeous but on the third floor which was only accessible by a temperamental service elevator. I see my current studio as a beautiful environment that represents working hard to achieve all that I have. To take a look at the complete studio tour look at the full article or come by one day and see for yourself.







006Thank you to Kim Lucian for the beautiful shots!

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