and then the blogging began…

Welcome to the first posting for Natalie Knows. I have always loved flowers, design, entertaining & color, and this blog is going to be a journal of what Natalie Knows on those subjects. Natalie Knows is also about what inspires me and what my latest fascinations are.

Let’s raise a glass to entertaining in style and always with an abundance of flowers.

Without further adue…let the blogging begin…

8 thoughts on “and then the blogging began…

  1. Congrats Natalie. I am addicted to blogs – love it! I cannot wait to read your inspiring words of wisdom xxx

  2. Yes, you have had interest and talent in these areas since you were very young. Something else that hasn’t changed is the color of your hair, few would believe it is your natural color!

  3. I love the blog Nat!! It’s about time we can follow our your wonderful ideas! You are so creative and brilliant. Thank you!!!

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