5 Questions: Streicher Sisters


The Streicher Sisters run a true family business in true LA style. I’ve been in an overlapping circle to these three beautiful women for years and it has been incredible to watch each of their businesses grow separately and now together. They are badass, powerful, creative and inspiriting babes. One is a hairdresser, one a makeup artist and one an eyebrow artist and all top of their trade (read: a serious list of celebrity clients). Together, they opened Striiike, which is THE place to be beatified in Los Angeles.

What I love most about these women is that they each bring such a unique style and incredible talent to the table, all while being cohesive and well, they are sisters! How, can you not love that? Read on to see how these sisters triple the five questions fun.

1. What three words represent your work?
KS: Soft. Feathered. Natural

AS: Living (lived in), cool, texture

2. What brought you to your current city? Would you ever live anywhere else?
KS: I like LA and seeing it grow and change, but I am open to other places. I’d like to retire somewhere with really clean air, and near an ocean.

JS: My work brought me to LA. I fantasize about living on a small farm in the middle of nowhere all the time.

AS: My SISTERS!!! I resisted LA for many years, I don’t know why — I guess because its just not Northern California (or as I like to call it, ‘Upstate’). I had an idea of what I thought it would be, and LA has really proven me otherwise. I love it here much more than I ever thought I would. I would practically live anywhere in California, and I dream of having land up on the north California Coast. Healdsburg would be ideal.

3. What is one thing about your current life that would surprise the younger version of you?
KS: How much I dislike traveling — at least the flying part of it. I traveled a lot bi-coastally for work over the years and I thought it would be something that I would always love to do. It surprises me how much I enjoy being and feeling settled. I also really enjoy getting older and wiser.

JS: I think my younger self would be really surprised that I am living how I always hoped I’d live. It sometimes even surprises my current self.

AS: Honestly I would say that the younger me what have definitely have been married with a family by now. I remember being very young and thinking that 24 was soooooooo old. Now I’m 31 and still feel young. I envision being married and having a family, but there are many other things I want to do first!!!

4. Who is someone that inspires you?
KS: Old people. I think theres something to being so in touch with your mortality. I think you have less fear and you appreciate everyday.

AS: Someone who really inspires me is an Artist named James Turrell, who’s recently gained popularity with his retrospective at LACMA and Guggenheim in NYC. His art deals with lighting and perspective, therefore everyone sees it differently. His art is just very moving to me and soooooo inspiring! His story as a person and an artist is also so fascinating to me. I love visiting LACMA or any art museum to find inspiration. ART makes ART.

5. What is your happiest / most vivid memory involving a certain floral?
JS: My sister Ashley made me a beautiful flower crown for my first Mother’s Day. I dried it out and have it hanging in my dressing room.

Thank you, Jenn, Ashley and Kristie!

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