5 Questions: Natasha Kolenko

NBD_5Questions_NatashaKolenkoThe idea for the 5-questions series started when I reflected on how many cool women (and a few men) I know. I always wanted the piece to expand and interview people I don’t know personally, but want to get to know. Natasha Kolenko is exactly one of those people. With the power and beauty of instagram stalking, once I found her I knew I loved her style. Her posts seem to be so authentic, creative, stylish and never contrived.

Natasha and raised in the Bay Area in the middle of two sisters…aka her best buds. She blew my mind when she told me that she has degrees in biology and interior design. How is that for left brain and right brain action?! After years working for others at interior design studios and showrooms, she followed her heart and put to use her drive and started her own business. She’s been working with flowers for 10 years now and have been styling photo shoots for 4.

1. What was your best career moment?
My big moment actually happened in March of this year; I sighed a lease on my studio space. It felt like a big leap of faith at the time, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Having a space to create and make a mess outside of my home has made work so much more efficient and home-life much more enjoyable…and floral-debris free! My Sausalito waterfront space is not skimpy on views or short of inspiration.

2. Three words that describe your work?

Playful, thoughtful, natural.

3. One thing you want to accomplish in the next year?
I would love to take some ceramics classes! I have become quite a collector of beautiful ceramics from local artisans and would love to create my own floral vessels to incorporate into my designs. And maybe have my own romantic Ghost pottery wheel moment! 😉

4. What is one aspect of your career that some might be surprised about?
Many people have this notion that being a floral designer and stylist is oh-so-glamorous. Let me tell ya, it’s mostly NOT. Most of the hours in my day are spent hauling goods from point a to point b, lifting heavy stuff, cleaning buckets and vases, driving, and behind a computer. And then there are the special moments and days when I get to play with beautiful flowers or products and create. In the end, I love it all.

5. Favorite moment involving a certain floral?
It happened just last week. After giving my peonies a long drink of warm water and heavy dose of sunshine, I literally watched them open up and come to life before my eyes. Watching the petals unwind and open to expose the beautiful aromatic pollen-filled center was magic!

Thank you, Natasha! 

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