5 Questions: Myka Haddad


Like so many women in this series, Myka of Modern Sequins was first introduced to me by a colleague but quickly blossomed in to a strong friendship. I loved Myka’s style the first time I met her. She was boho chic before that was a catch phrase and she never disappoints in the style department. From flowing white dresses to overalls (i mean, who makes overalls look that damn good?) she rocks her individual style in a way that effortlessly makes her authentic and open personality shine. She has been featured on numerous blogs including Rue Magazine, The Collection and Glitter Guide. Her fashion styling work has been featured on the Glitter Guide, and a peek into her closet has been seen on the popular blog Oh Joy. Myka has a background in event planning and design and now styles photo shoots and helps my fellow florist friend Danielle at Brown Paper run her successful business.

Myka and I have grown closer over the past years as we have both shared our journey in trying to have a family. It is a lonely path and I can honestly say Myka has been one of my biggest supports. She is open, loving and has a great sense of humor, always available for a quick text or a walk in our shared neighborhood. Having a friendship deepen through what is one of the hardest experiences of our lives, marks a truly special person. Myka and her husband Georges are now in the process of trying to adopt and I just know when they are matched with their little one, that baby will be perfect for them…and, the best dressed baby in the room at all times. That is a fact I know is true.

1. What was your best career moment or your first big break?
Getting laid off from my corporate job. Ha! Seriously! It was what gave me that push to start a job in a more creative field.

2. What three words represent your work?
Creative, clean, curated.

3. Where do you picture yourself in 5 years from now?
My husband and I are currently hoping to adopt (yay!). So in five years I picture myself as a mom. I see myself continuing to style photo shoots, traveling as a family, and spending as much time as possible snuggling our little.

4. What brought you to your current city? Would you ever live anywhere else?
I grew up in Northern California, but my husband and I headed down to Southern CA for a few years. A job opportunity landed us back up here and I seriously couldn’t be happier. I love living in the bay. The energy, the people, the art, it’s truly a special place.

5. What is your happiest / most vivid memory involving a certain floral?
For my birthday party this past year, YOU made me the most beautiful flower crown. It truly made me feel so special and I can’t thank you enough. I really love that transforming effect that flowers can have on a person.

Thank you, Myka!

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