5 Questions: Melissa Motzkin


I first met Melissa years ago. It was a random meeting and I remember that I loved her haircut and what I would learn to be her signature bang’n bangs. Melissa and I crossed paths again and after a long car ride to Napa to have her assist me in a wedding set up, I learned how downright cool, open and insightful she is. Since that car ride six years ago, Melissa has moved to Brooklyn with her husband, opened their graphic design firm Makewell and last week she gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Isla. Melissa and her husband are a design duo with so many strengths and despite working together they seem to always love to be in each others company. It is so refreshing. Melissa has built my current website, blog and numerous graphic projects for me and I love her because she just gets me. She has a great eye and I’m grateful to have her in my life.

1. What is something you want to try in the next year?

I’m going to have the opportunity to try being a mom very soon which is something I have always wanted to do! While scary and daunting, it is the most exciting thing to look forward to at the same time and I just cannot wait!

2. What do you collect, and what do you think it says about you?

I collect vintage scissors! I have always found their shape interesting and love the variation in scissor design. I think it says that despite my very digitally-focused career, I am drawn to working with my hands and have an appreciation for old well-made tools.

3. What was the last trip you took?

Last trip was to Japan and probably the best trip I’ve ever taken! I feel lucky that my husband and I are super compatible travel partners and like to explore at the same pace which is on-the-go, but not too fast. We spent two weeks covering Tokyo and lots of points west including Kyoto, an art island and a 2-day bike tour across many bridges and islands in the Seto Sea. Exploring new parts of the world is always a thrill for us and the hardest part is choosing a new, unknown destination for the next trip when all you want to do is revisit amazing destinations from the past!

4. What was the most influential year in your life so far? What made it special? 

When I was 23 I moved to San Francisco by myself, knowing hardly anyone and with barely any belongings. The confidence gained from making that big move independently was a huge achievement in my life that I feel really shaped who I am today. In SF I finally followed my dream to start my own business as a designer and somehow, over time, all of the pieces fell together. I eventually made friends, grew my business and met my husband before moving to Brooklyn where we now run a business together.

5. What is your happiest / most vivid memory involving a certain floral?

My first job was at a flower shop that lasted all through my high school and college years. I have lots of memories of learning about flowers there and the smell of any flower shop immediately takes me back. My most vivid memory, though, is probably from my wedding (which Natalie did the flowers for!) and the amazingly bright and vibrant peonies, ranunculus and billy balls paired with the softness of green succulents that were certainly one of the stand-out parts of the event. Seeing these colors and flowers today always brings me right back to that beautiful day that I will never forget.

Thank you, Melissa!

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