5 Questions: Markus + Alison Rinderknecht


I first met Alison of Alison Events ten years ago. I had just started my business and a friend told me about a wedding planner who specialized in destination weddings. I immediately thought, I want to work with HER! We met and several years later we worked together for the first time. Over the years we have travelled together for work to Mexico (three times!), Wyoming (two times!), Florida, Colorado and beautiful California locations. Alison has impressively found herself at the top of her industry and I’m always in awe of the projects she takes on. She has a fun loving attitude, loves organization to the ultimate degree and has a casually chic eye for design. Oh, and she surfs in that cold Northern California ocean, so yes, she is a badass.

A couple of years ago I met Alison’s now husband when he was visiting her from Switzerland. Markus has worked as a visual merchandiser for many years and then landed at Levi’s. He is the kind of guy who can cook a five star worthy dinner with no cookbook and always has a creative side project. One of which was making his own soaps with Siteglass coffee, sold at hipster stores in Oakland, of course. With all this being true, its Markus’ hair that is really the piece of art. I mean, come on! It’s amazing.

Read on to see why I think these two are such a dynamic and creative couple.

1. If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now — what would be your alternate career?
AR: I would be a landscape architect. I love gardening, working with my hands… and all things green and outside. Sometimes i think talking to plants might be easier then talking to clients;-)

MR: A conceptual artist.

2. What trend would you like to see end?
AR: In the wedding business I would say farm tables…its been done a million times over. It still works and we do it but I think its been done. In fashion I would love to see patterned spandex go away. The patterns are getting worse and worse.

MR: People in Yoga/workout pants that aren’t going to yoga.

3. What brought you to your current city? Would you ever live anywhere else?
AR: I was working for an event planning company in LA out of college and the company I worked for let me transfer to the branch up here back in 1999. My two best friends lived up here and I preferred the scene in SF over LA…less materialistic and people seemed more cultured and real. So glad I made that move! I love SF but I can see myself living somewhere else but just not sure where that is….maybe Europe maybe the east coast. That is something we as a family are trying to figure out.

MR: Alison. (See the Martha Stewart Wedding story here!) I would like to have lived in Paris in the 1920’s.

4. What do you collect, and what do you think it says about you?
AR: I collect photos ….and actually put them in photo albums! I know so old school but these days you can print your instagram photos so easily. I love looking at all the memories from my trips and especially since we got married and had a baby I am even more motivated.

MR: Vintage denim. workwear, military. It says I am a romantic and I appreciate long lasting manufacturing

5. What is your happiest / most vivid memory involving a certain floral?
Zinnias. You rarely see them in arrangements I think because they don’t last long out of water but maybe I am wrong…my grandparents grew them in their garden in upstate NY. I remember how colorful they were the hot pinks and oranges and they had hundreds of them so from their kitchen you could see this bright color palette in their back yard. I have fond memories of not only picking them every time I would visit in the summer but there always were flowers on the table and around their house.

MR: our wedding, I loved all the eucalyptus down the table…it was fresh and fragrant and simple and I love that color blue/green.

Thank you, Markus and Alison!

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